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I-micro pile


I-beam piles are very popular in projects or building structures. We therefore believe that I-beam piles can be made into micropiles and should reduce costs for customers who wish to use the currently available micropiles. But there is a limited budget. which I-micropile Able to respond to customer needs very well

 I-micro pile It is a TIS size pile. There are 2 types.

     1. I-micropile piles Prestressed concrete form 

     2. I-micropile piles Reinforced concrete form

Internal structure of I-micropile 

   Inside the I-micropile, size 18x18 cm. Consisting of steel and concrete structures as follows:

steel structure

 - Use 4 strands of 9 mm steel (pile size 18x18 cm.

 - Use 4 strands of 12 mm. steel (pile size 22x22 cm.)

 - Use I-shaped steel sleeve, size 4 mm.  13   pieces.

 - Use a 4mm thick steel plate.


 - Use concrete with a compressive strength of not less than 400 kilograms/square centimeter.

***Reinforced concrete piles can withstand shear stress well andSteel attached from end to end adds strength to the pile connections.

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